Fate of India with PM Modi

It has been two years for Narendar Damodardas Modi to work as the prime minister of India. Within two years of his tenure, we have come across with various shades of him- public administrator, ardent speaker, devotee to his work, hardworking and criticism-tolerant. However, the mentioned words are not written to favour any of the… Continue reading Fate of India with PM Modi


Child marriage: Burden of gold on small shoulders

A Rajasthan folk song ‘Choti si Umar’ still touches our heart which happily cries out to give a message that stop the 8-year-old girl to get married. A popular show of 2008 Balika Vadhu enters in the Limca Book of Records. To my dismay, it was not a strange thing to be happened. A show… Continue reading Child marriage: Burden of gold on small shoulders


Mystery of prophetic dreams

Prophecy A long time back, a prophecy was made regarding a child who will kill the evil to win the hearts of people. According to mythology, that child was known as Krishna. The Lord Krishna, who changed the course of Mahabharata. As per the historical texts, the day he was born in jail, his killers… Continue reading Mystery of prophetic dreams


Magical bricks

Brick There are various shades of a brick. It can be red coloured or white or brown. But the red coloured brick is one of the common bricks in India. Although there are many types of bricks like Acid brick, Engineer brick, Accrington brick, Fire brick, Clinker, Creamy city brick etc. Similarly, there are various… Continue reading Magical bricks


Lost shades of our cultural heritage

It has been a month since The World Heritage Day. All over the world there were rallies to spread the awareness about the conservation of monuments. Indeed, our monuments are the precious gifts of forefathers which are designed with beautiful shapes and art work. But the matter of concern is that we have forgotten to… Continue reading Lost shades of our cultural heritage


How naxalism is big threat to India.

As it is said, one cannot make bricks without straws. But what if those straws become scattered in the lost ground? Well, it can only question the functionality and structure of the brick. Similarly, in all these years we as “people of India” have failed in representing our country. In a way, three traditional notions… Continue reading How naxalism is big threat to India.