Story of Vijay Lakshmi

Helplessness is not the main reason behind our failures.There comes moment when you have to overcome with the fear of getting failed in life.We meet people and then we realize that if you have the strong will to do something in your life then the whole universe conspires to help you in finding  a way.

The ones who have all comforts of life are always the one who are living away from the real truth of society.Being a part of this  NOBLE community I often think that it is easy to express concern for someone but it is hard to be the one who struggles for their existence in society.Therefore we waste our time in arguing nonsensical issues and thus end up in searching our own ends.

So what could be the reason behind those women who stand on the street to sell their body.Is it their helplessness or a struggle for their existence in society? Well to this an instant answer can easily be made but do we really think that how difficult is for them to play a role of BEING A PART OF STRATA OF WOMEN  in society.Often being chased by those protruding eyes of everyone always put a question mark on our broad minded thinking.To survive in such no-win situation is in itself  a commendable job.

Vijaylaxmi  a poor widow of 22 who goes out from her village to earn money in cities would have never thought about it that her decision would take her to the endless harsh realities of society.Getting raped by her uncle who sold her in a brothel just to earn money out of it again question our humanity.And then the rape continued several times.But it did not stop her to escape from those grey welded windows.But no one would have thought that her destiny was different.She took up the help from NGO and became  a part of that NGO.

Like Vijaylaxmi not many are lucky to survive , people like us can salute to these spirits and also give them right to live a respectful life.


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