Who are we?

Our identity has already been chosen for us to accept it, or fight and change it.
As these lines have explained the destiny of humans, it is quite clear that the progeny of a social animal is dependent on the genes or a DNA. In neolithic age, it was said that the origin of the human race was homo-sapiens in B.C.
Well, the previously known early man got transformed in A.D It has become more aware about their race, complexion and creed. Definitely, humans were redefined. Coming into the modern days, these ‘four-legged’ animal seeks for more question of his/her visibility in a particular domain of a society and hence move towards the acknowledgment of rights and privileges.
Now, a technological savvy animal is known for its quick learning ability and practical power of questioning the ideals of traditional appearance of a human being.
So, now an indolent, ignorant creature becomes a victim of the casteism, gender inequality, communalism and many more similar issues. The glooming eyes look out for answers in the blackened shades of realism. And, then we hear a voice which screams through the air and asks about his/her identity.
Here is the question arises why is someone recognized as a Hindu or a Dalit or a LGBT? All of these self-generated ideas are only put forward by man himself. Thus, a man-made creation becomes a burden on the shoulders of each other. Therefore, we try to rationalize about an issue which lies somewhere beneath our shortcomings of continuously blaming our ancestral doings.
zIt is generally said that a person is defined by a unique identity or a unique ability to qualify certain circumstances. But what if when a particular identity gets labelled with a particular sect or with a particular religion or a caste? Obviously, it would lead to a misinterpretation of the origination of human race.
Well, in 1999 Tajfel proposed a social identity theory which illustrates about a person’s sense of who they are based on their group memberships. Therefore, there is a set line of demarcation which keeps the world divided into “them” and “we” based on the process of social categorization (i.e. we put people into social groups).
So, keeping all the political thoughts aside what if there is an emerging society of self-respect, morality and honesty. A person is not identified with his/her caste or his/her religion or his/her gender or his/her race.
He/she is identified with his/her unique identity of accomplishing his/her job. And then the world will enter in a new transitional phase of “a book is not judged by its cover”
Indeed, a thought which is utopian, cannot be achieved in a democratic society. And there only we will or will always be failed as WE THE PEOPLE OF INDIA/WORLD.