Kashmir Problem: A neverending saga

I think it is rightly said that history make us to learn from our mistakes but when some mistakes cannot be amended then it becomes our regret. This is what is happening in Jammu & Kashmir. At the time of of Independence Britishers divided a united country into two halves despite knowing the gruesome consequences and posing two serious questions for the future. Will the fight over secularism be ended? How can the fate of Kashmir be decided? At the time of Independence Maharaja Hari Singh decide to make J&K as neutral country means not becoming friend and enemy of either of the country (Union of India , Dominion of Pakistan),which was unacceptable to Pakistan.Pakistan claimed since it has the majority of Muslims so it should be a part of Pakistan and India stated that it is an integral part of India.The fight is not over yet and during tug of war Terrorism was born. Will the fight over Kashmir be ended this is what Kashmiris are appealing from the concerned government but solution is nowhere . On top of that issue like Article 370 is burning out in the present scenario where J&K wants a special status of a clad autonomy. So it can be said this is what has become a scene of regret where mistakes are unforgivable.


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