Jagga Jasoos – A perfect story tell about Parauli Arms Drop case

‘Jagga Jasoos’ starring Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif unfortunately, couldn’t spell its magic on big screen. In fact after reading critics review those who eagerly waiting for the movie, chose to step back.

Today when the world television premiere of the movie was aired,  it made me regret to avoid the experience of watching a beautiful movie.

A gripping storyline of a spy, Jagga aka Ranbir and a journo Shruti Sengupta aka Katrina Kaif, whom fate was destined in a masterpiece of Anurag Basu’s fantasy adventure was exceptional.

Ranbir’s acting, after ‘Barfi’ was again applauding one in a musical broadway film. Constantly able to match his sensible acting skills to a high spirited character jagga was praiseworthy. Talking about the lead actress Kat,  a bad luck lady as Shruti justified her role as a narrator and journo friend.

The realistic part of the movie is the life of a journalist as Professor Bagchi or tuti fruti who has portrayed a perfect life of an investigative ‘jhola chaap’ journalist i.e. A journo should learn to adapt and manage in every situation.

Leaving the audience with an open-ended story makes it even more relevant to the sensitive subject of Parauli Arms Drop which was ended without further investigation.

Overall the movie has all the ingredients of the colourful sets, happy go-lucky actors and a sensitive issue of Parauli Arms Drop.

For me it’s 4 out of 5, one can watch this movie.