Research Methodology Session 3


A regular lecture on any subject requires you to be prepared with presentations and a lot of pre-research regarding the topic.But when it comes to attend the lecture of Research Methodology the ‘what next’ factor comes in.No more mundane learning but lot of mental exercise. A perfect recipe of third session of Research Methodology helped me to associate my institute learning to professional learning.For any journalist it is viable to have an overview regarding the parameters under which a particular news channel can be differentiated.

Before any viewer projects his/her preferences regarding the news channel it is better to understand that every news channel does a brainstorm regarding its layout , competition and viewers choice to step into the commercial market.This was relatively a basic concept which establishes a triangular relationship between the Brand, Category and the Consumers. For any brand positioning in the market it is necessary to categorize first and then cater the needs of the consumers.Here, AAJTAK can be taken as a brand and it can  categorize the news according to the preferences of the viewers.

Coming back to the research for any news channel.Every news channel has different forte to attract the viewers , be it, creativity, humor, consistency or the authenticity.It depends upon the viewer to choose the news channel according to its preferences.

A  budding journalist like me who has attended the class will be able to gather the required knowledge of forming the basic parameters of identifying the positives and negatives of  any news channel. It can be judged through five main objects that is, the core(Strength)  of the news channel, the support(alternative) which directly feeds the core value, the peripheral(opportunity),the detractor(weakness) and the Absentee( threat) of any news channel.

Above mentioned points were the conceptual learning but the practical implementation through enacting those news channels made us to realize the basic mindset of any viewer.

Overall the experience of third session create the curiosity of learning more regarding the Research methodology, a subject which I used to find a theoretical one which cannot be taught through fun activities.


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