Research Methodology session 1

The first session which we had last week gave a new definition of teaching Research Methodology.Prior to this class i had a pre-decided notion that the concept of  this subject can be learnt through books only.Through this session I was able to form a basic idea of grasping the new emerging ways of analyzing a particular subject from every possible angle.The core areas of understanding the concept make me to define the research in simple terms which is – a study of gathering information and give a definite outline to the required analysis.

So the first topic on which we had a discussion was the Eco system of Research , a system of dependency and interlinking threads of social-cultural, economical and political dimensions of a society.

Under which there were four main points which explain the ecosystem of research:

1.)Micro system-  It involves the self-own thoughts.It discusses the person on which the news is based on.

2.)Meso system – family,close friends  and immediate connections of affected ones.

3.)Exo system – opinion leaders and influencers.

4.)Macro system -It involves the media culture, norms and laws.

This topic gave a brief understanding of analyzing our stakeholders in a particular news before investigating further our study.

To make it more interesting, we had three  set of activities. Activity1 made us to realize the basic baby step of taking up a research. A headline from newspaper was taken and bifurcated into above mentioned helps us to learn the real access of important persons.Activity 2 gave us an insight of presenting a broadcast  news from each and above mentioned system and how the news can be shown in a relevant manner.

Overall the first session was enlightening as per our Institute’s vision that the basic learning should be instilled through practical knowledge rather than the bookish language.


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