Tell me who you love and I’ll tell you who you are – Creole Proverb

Rochelle was sleeping tight on her bed. She was lost in the dreams of someone special. It might be because of the book that she read about two lovers and the approaching Valentine’s Day. If that would have happened in the novel then they would have met. Keeping all the thoughts with herself , she went into the lost world of visual reality.

May be she was searching her answers for not able to meet her lover as per the novel. What was the reason that kept Rochelle and her lover apart? Family or her ego or the circumstances. And the virtual world took her to the beneath of reality. A truth of a family…

Since, the visions were hazy and blurred. She was quite uneasy to identify the right character and and the wrong one. But as she proceeded in her dreams to search the answers of her reality, the visions became stronger. As if there was somebody in the universe who was planning to make her a reliable, a responsible, a stronger and most importantly a courageous girl.

She consulted with psychologist and a neurologist but no one gave her a satisfactory answer as nobody can see what she can. A perfect world with perfect answers. Two lovers are meant to be together not apart. A world where everything seems perfect but still not perfect in the reality as the society doesn’t allow it.

So, the visions were a piece of my past. A past which was unknown to me a sometime back. It is said that only a broken heart can give you a right advice as they have experienced it.

The visions were quite simple. Encouraging a girl to face the reality. A reality of a family which was not at all wanted to accept the phenomenon of ‘love’. The visions were frightening her as in the reality she was always assumed as a person who not only a girl who is bounded to follow traditions but also a girl to maintain the dignity of her family.

The visions made her realize to say that one word in her family.  After gathering courage, she admitted to her feelings and also become little open to her family. She thought it was because of the power of her love but she was resisting it. Somehow she believed her visions , she believed his presence in her visions.

She realized that she had been a victim of a child sexual assault. An issue which was quite unknown to her as she was naive to notice. Clearly, she openly said not to touch her indecent manner. But the family provided her the most dramatic excuses of their attitude. She became confident and raised her voice. Family asked her for the unusual behaviour but she was petrified to even answer.

All of a sudden the members who were so close to her became unknown her. It seemed to her as there were just the people living under on roof where the value of relationship is nowhere.

After a while she called him to meet her parents but he denied with all the promises he made to her in front of her family.

The lovers couldn’t meet as the visions turned out fake but she admitted her feelings in front of him and introduced him in her family. He left her to spend her rest of the life with her family.

However, the life of that girl has changed a lot. Not only, she has accepted to fight with her fears but has also accepted to adjust in a family.

Currently, she is a media professional and teaching her family some lessons regarding love and making them to become little modern. As after all their ‘little princess’ wanted somebody to become a part of her life.

She regrets that all the connections have been blowed up with him because of the confusions of her visions but yes, she misses him a lot. As she always wanted him to spend his rest of her life.

Well, today she is waiting for him and trying to believe in destiny.