About Me

Hi, I am a digital journo by profession. Journo-express is an unbiased blog. The author believes that journalism should not be relied on observations and reporting. As any report is not completed until you have analysed it.

A journo motto- Freedom should be given in a limited quantity

Believe in: what i see not on what i hear, judgmental people creates nuisance. Little gregarious.New challenges teach me to become realistic.

For me fun is: Having best food in your platter and share it with everyone. Meeting with different kinds of people. Speak native language in different country.



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  1. Very succinct yet profound. I like your line about judgmental people! I wondered what a digital journalist can do to make a difference where you feel other media might not be able to?


    1. Disha Sharma says:

      Thanks on my judgmental line.
      Frankly speaking most of the journalist have tried to make a difference in other media but no one has tried the new media so my efforts will be towards the same.It’s just my vision, being a budding journalist.

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      1. It will be very interesting to see how use of media might change perception and awareness.


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