Rise of Herbivorous Women

Be it your workplace or a party, a common question which has always been put up in all the gatherings, “Are you a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian?”

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Umm…We all must have become the victim of this one question but it is the irony of our well-cultured and etiquette society that escapism becomes difficult.Moreover, the conversation becomes a more complicated equation when a cobweb of gender bias theology enters it.

Indeed, the lifestyle is changing in order to adapt ourselves to western countries.

But hold on, who started all this?

Before, we all get into the debate of gender bias for following a particular food habit, according to the Bible (Gen. 1:29-30), God allowed Adam and Eve to eat plants and herbs, a privilege he granted also to the animals and humans and animals enjoyed a peaceful and friendly relationship in the Garden of Eden.

It was only after the Flood that permission was granted to eat animal flesh, and only then under the condition that the blood was drained out of the meat (Gen. 9:3-4).

Although the story of Adam And Eve is history but The Flood changed the legacy of food culture obsession and, thus gave a different tale of modern story.

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An analysis of the lifestyle of both men and women across India. 

As last year only a myth of calling India as a vegetarian country has been busted by the Sample Registration System (SRS) baseline survey 2014. Therefore a new lifestyle has been emerged where we have a population of non-vegetarian as 70%. However, this rate is also dropped by 4% and thus making a new beginning of a fashion in the society.

Women are more herbivores as compared to men in India. As per the same statistics of Sample Registration System (SRS), Rajasthan has 73.2 percent men and 76.6 percent women. Haryana follows next with 68.5 percent men and 70 percent women on a vegetarian diet. And in Punjab, 65.5 percent of the male population and 68 percent of it the female population eat vegetarian food.

Well, the reason might be that women have become increasingly health conscious. As the diets which are rich in nutrients reduced risk of certain diseases and thus giving vegetarianism a reputation as a health-promoting diet.

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So Men like beauty with brains and?

So, here is good news for all the vegan ladies: As per the latest research compiled by a dating site AYI, the vegan ladies are the preference of majority of meat-eaters men. The matchmakers found men prefer vegetarian women 11% more than carnivores, while women are 13% more likely to reach out to meat-eating men than vegetarians. It simply suggests thathow your food culture affects who you love — or who loves you.

Surprised? Don’t be. As it can be the waves of the trumpet call of an old saying ‘health is wealth’.

Well, these statistics are of western countries. But you never know the fever becomes contagious.



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