Daily Prompt: Interior

via Daily Prompt: Interior

“Inside us all patiently waiting, sits a tiny little adventurous bird.”

A day came and we all sat idle and did nothing at all. Thinking about the moment of accomplishing everything at a time. Greggory Richard turned the page of her book and started reading the next one. While reading the next page she thought of not able to read the previous one. Well, forgetting about the previous one, she started turning pages one by one. The book completed within few hours. She took the other book in her hand. She completed that also. After few days she realised that she understood nothing at all.

On the sixth day of her reading she wrote a plan to concentrate on her reading practices. She again started the last read book. What she found

  1. She didn’t know the actor
  2. She was confused about the story line.
  3. She lost the morals of the story as she just turned the pages.
  4. She became quite judgmental about the characters at the end of her reading.

A lesson can be learnt through her reading:

Well, reading is about patience and patience comes from within. The call from the interiors of your heart screams when you lose the power concentration. But you tend to avoid it due to the syndrome caused by the laziness.

The rationale behind writing a piece on interiors is that the word is not limited to the walls of a house. But it is about the interiors of our-self. As we grow older, we tend to forget to open the interiors of our heart and mind. The walls which we build in front of our heart and mind blocks the air of freshness and unique to sense the new soul inside lying us. We just have to control that adventurous little bird in order to concentrate at a higher level.


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