Recipe to show anger

While fighting different phases of our life, we always come across with certain incidents where we have lost our temper or showed arrogance.

These incidents can be listed as follows:

1.A quarrel with a person on the road.

2. Parents scolding their children.

3. Arguments between couples

4. Two teenagers quarreling with each other.

Moreover, there are hundreds of anger management classes where we all have taken lessons to control our anger. However, these classes become useless when we are incapable of converting them into reality.

Difference between Anger Management Class and Real life situation

There is only one difference between a real case and an imaginary situation. The difference of seeing persons through our eyes.

While practicing in front of our peer groups we become predictable of our outcome. On the other hand, when we face real life situations which are sort of unpredictable, we become nervous or hesitated.

Either we will try to ease out the situation out of nervousness or we will hesitate to get into any kind of argument.

There are numerous questions which we face usually regarding nervousness and hesitation, such as:

  1. How nervousness has made us a slave of anger?
  2. How hesitation has made us an emotionally cluttered person?

Here, we are leading into our next section.

The recipe to show the anger in an effective manner.

  1. Communication: It is very necessary to send the message to a receiver in a controlled manner. If we already know that the receiver is angry, then instead of avoiding we can control our message to make them understand the value of our message.
  2. Facial Expressions:  It is true that we communicate through our mouth but the pivotal role is played by our facial expressions. The second best ingredient is that we should not show inappropriate facial expression which will add to our boiling anger pan.
  3. Gestures: While arguing or scolding, we often try to control a weak person through our hand gestures. In such situation a weak person should look into the eyes and just say back off.  

Therefore, there is no need to run away from kind of situation  because people and people’s emotions can be played with if you know a trick.


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  1. J L Hunt says:

    An interesting perspective…a good read

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    1. Disha Sharma says:

      Thank You 🙂


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