Who was she?

via Daily Prompt: Fish

On a silenced road, a palpitating veiled woman was running to escape the gunned men. Being unknown about the gunned men, she kept on running.

Lampshades on the road had a close watch on the women’s face and noticed the nervousness and fear.

All was destined to be happened on that night only. Nothing has been changed since four years. the same quiet road and the same silence. Marked footsteps on the road was the only sign for cops to identify the real culprit behind the dangerous and heinous crime.

It was not the only crime which happened on that day. earlier also , a same veiled women had became the target of this crime. This time was her turn to get slayed by the unexpected circumstances.

Hearing the loud voices were the only signs of the lonely women on that isolated road. No one can hear the screams of her except HIM. After repetitively dialing the number of cops, she was not able to get any answer.A blank dialler tone made her hopeless and assured of one thing. She will not be spared today.

Seeing the vacant garrage she entered into it and decided to rest there. Red face, rosy lips kholed eyes kept him wondering about her beauty. Who was she? What was she doing? How she came here?

After taking her into arms, she forgot who was she and said him to leave her alone. He told her stay quiet as long as the group of men passed by. The moment they peeped out the garrage, the girl heard the trigger sound and was stoned. The boy looked back and all of them had a muscle fight. In order to take the advantage of the situation, the girl swiftly ran away from the situation.

Days passed but she didn’t come up. On that day a life was saved, a girl was saved, one more soul was saved.

No on e knows who were them, who was she. But the boy knew the case was getting more complicated as it was related to the last murder of women. After keeping his gun on the bench, he realised that the work of a cop is not that easy on a daily basis and thought, she is not the only fish in the water but there are many other fishes which are getting stained.



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