Fate of India with PM Modi

It has been two years for Narendra Damodardas Modi to work as the prime minister of India. Within two years of his tenure, we have come across with various shades of him- public administrator, ardent speaker, a devotee to his work, hardworking and criticism-tolerant.

However, the mentioned words are not written to favour any of the person or a party person but to provide a reflection of his work towards his nation.

Before the election, many haters remarked against Modi that chaiwallah can never administer the country and thus questioned the capability of a person. On various factors, Modi was decided as a strong contender in comparison to Nehruvian-Gandhi clan. The successful rallies of BJP made Indians wonder about the passion and interest of a chaiwallah to work for the nation.  

On 26th May 2014, Narendra Modi was elected as the Prime minister for India. The Lok-Sabha election was backed by aggressive campaigning and powerful speeches of Bhartiya Janta Party. In a bid to hope of having “Acche din” or “good days”, a historic win was recorded in the election of 2014 to take a relief from a ‘dynastic rule’ of Congress.

After taking charge, during the rigorous work of two years, he successfully put forward more than 13 policies and initiatives including Make in India, Digital India, Skill India, Neighbourhood first policy on domestic as well as international front. Therefore, schemes like these and many others proved the potential of Narendra Modi’s team to provide India’s recognition on the global map.

On 15th Aug 2016, PM Modi mentioned about Balochistan in his Independence speech as a part of his foreign policy tactics. It is a significant issue which talks about the violation of human rights by Pak forces in Balochistan. It can be said that India has given a muscular approach with rival Pakistan by referring to the provinces of Pak. It will also impact on the China-Pakistan economic corridor, a long-term project influencing beyond the bilateral talks.


So far initiatives taken…

Here is a list of successful initiatives which were taken on the international domain.

  1. Act East Policy.
  2. Neighbourhood first Policy.
  3. Indian Ocean Outreach.
  4. Project Mausam
  5. Cooperation with Pacific Islands.
  6. Fast-track diplomacy.
  7. Para diplomacy.

All these initiatives were in one or another way focused on the maritime silk trade or improving relations with ASEAN countries. However, the overall impact is that everyone across the globe has assumed India as a superpower along with U.S, and China.

Overall, in the veil of political ambition, PM should not forget the fate of India which is left on his shoulders. Indeed, his speeches have won many hearts in global market but domestically the social fabric is somewhere presenting a distorted picture through communalism, hate speech.

Therefore, India should not only be represented as a country of multi-cultures, diverse languages but also a peaceful and tranquil place. The sweetness of India’s development lies in the brotherhood of all the Indian communities instead of lab of communalism.


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