Mystery of prophetic dreams

A long time back, a prophecy was made regarding a child who will kill the evil to win the hearts of people. According to mythology, that child was known as Krishna. The Lord Krishna, who changed the course of Mahabharata. As per the historical texts, the day he was born in jail, his killers were sleeping. Thus, made it difficult for the assailants to know the strategy of Lord Vishnu.

However, no one knew that it was a part of the game of Lord Vishnu who wanted to born in the era of strong dictatorship and wrathfulness. The non-believers thought it as a joke. But, later, the non-believers were the one who started having strong belief in the existence of supreme power.

It is the only prophecy which I remember as a childhood memory.

There are many historians who have argued over the period of time regarding prophetic dreams and successfully try to justify their argument.
One of those early historians was Sigmund Freud who believed that a systematic interpretation of dreams would expose the fears, wishes, and desires of the unconscious mind. It is believed that to some extent, Freud’s concept of the three levels of the personality controlling the content of our dreams is similar to Plato’s viewpoint on dreams. Plato supposed the content of our dreams expressed the interaction of the dynamics of the personality as a whole (McCurdy,1946).

However, Socrates believed “dreams reveal the violent and lawless desires which exist in everyman”. Therefore, ancient precursors to Freudian dream theory such as Socrates and Plato denied the prophetic nature of dreams.

It is true, prophetic dreams or prophecy in voice are taken as bizarre but there is a sign behind such predictions.

To say it in simple language of Van Renterghem, “Men saw in the dream a prophecy for the future, a warning spirit, a comforter, a messenger of the gods. Now we join forces with it in order to explore the subconscious, to unravel the mysteries which it jealousy guards and conceals”

As per the above mentioned historians, I believe that indeed there is a supreme power which works in between the God created effigy and God. When these two forces, soul and God (Aatma or parmatma)try to unite with each other, a divine power emerges which blossoms out the prophetic dreams in the form of blessings or an alert or a bad luck. Even the science have believed over the presence of supreme power. Therefore, it is true that prophetic dreams have their own essence in a common man’s life


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