A quote from a random image makes me to pen down my thoughts.

I feel like I am waiting for something that isn’t going to happen.”

Clearly, the quote has illustrated many meaning in itself. A thought which not only a youth face but also an aged person. But we all do at some point of our life.

A child has a wild imagination of getting big and becoming like his/her mother or father. As he enters a youthful age he starts questioning and thus forming a barrier for himself i.e., ‘Nobody will understand. It’s only me who can.’ But in his heart also he is clueless. There he starts wondering of moving in a wrong path. A path of which he himself doesn’t have the direction.

According to this data 13.7% youth doesn’t know why they are having drugs and cigarettes.

A storm of thoughts which always refrain you to speak in reality and in turn an imaginary world becomes a hurdle in the outer world. It’s true that one should have a presence of mind while talking but we always are in a dilemma that we try no to listen what her mind or heart says. therefore, it becomes all more difficult to face the world.

This is not new, a pandemonium is an older phenomenon. Many great people have been in this phase be it a historian, or a economist or a scientist or a mathematician and of course  a common man.

We become weak when it comes to speak what our heart says. Then, even a minute detail bothers a lot. Then, we tend to think a lot.

The problems can come in any form whether it is a dogma of a society or a clash of modernism and traditionalism or even a parental talk.



Question is why we are not able to confront our inner fears. A fear of speaking out. A fearing of helping out and a fear of solving problems.

It is said that with great powers great responsibilities come along.  Well, this thought may be applicable for those who try to accept the reality. But the person who tries to escape always swim in a pandemonium sea without any direction. They always say that they are living with the world but they always fight with their own thoughts. that is why, they keep reminding themselves that the next or the next word is wrong.

What can we do in Pandemonium?

First, figure out what is the problem that is bothering you.

Second, decorate your words before speaking

Third, think again

Fourth, speak out. The good part will be that the mind and heart will be soothed.

Important Question: How that all can be maintained?

Well, you have listen carefully before speaking it will naturally come out beautifully.



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