Lost shades of our cultural heritage

It has been a month since The World Heritage Day. All over the world there were rallies to spread the awareness about the conservation of monuments.

Indeed, our monuments are the precious gifts of forefathers which are designed with beautiful shapes and art work. But the matter of concern is that we have forgotten to keep a balance with our modern age and traditional set-up of society.

It is true that we feel proud to see our cultural heritage being preserved by various institutions. But that pride is short-lived  as it faded away with time.

The adaptability has become a necessity for a person to work with the wheel of progression.

A cup of coffee, friends and workload have created a cobweb around us that we have become a puppet of it. To make our days more fancy we have allotted the days to celebrate but forgetting the real importance of the day.

There are constant headlines in the newspaper to protect our heritage but still a collective initiative from public is missing.

I want to share few of the places  where the monument is merely a piece of building in comparison to a majestic beauty of the medieval architects. A land which is occupied by a deteriorated historical piece in the name of graceful ‘cultural heritage’.

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The pictures have merely showcased a poor administrative set up of ASI for not able to maintain the heritage.

As I visited along the city, the condition of monuments turned out to be similar.

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This time a slow working administration became a major fallout of ASI.

images (2)
An inside view of Red Fort

With days coming to end of my tour to various cities. I was realizing another aspect of not preserving the monument was the carelessness of administration.

And now a green pigmentation on Seven Wonders of the world has become a cause of concern due to the stagnated water of Yamuna river.


Merely, a day to celebrate the conservation of heritage will not be enough to say that we are proud to be Indian. The quality of being Indian is born out of a passion of taking matters in hand with meticulous care everyday.


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