What if Aurangzeb would have been the PM of India?

Intolerance can be debated for endless hours. Recently, the growing controversies over Dadri lynching and Kalburgi mysterious murder have posed a question towards the democracy. Is India a free country or not.

It is said that Hindutva is on the verge of spreading into India as majority (80.5%) of population constituted of Hindus (Census 2011) and also as BJP is in ‘power’. But every coin has two sides. A society is as much as accountable to his authorities as the government is.

Currently, all over India there are two major trends. First, to label Modi’s prime ministership as the emergence of fascism and second is to criticize the foreign trips of Prime Minister Modi. Putting aside all the criticism, let’s have a look back and remember the ‘good old days’ of UPA entangled with series of corruption cases. Were we less critical then?

It is true minorities are always trampled upon between the powerful and opportunist.

So what if a secular nation becomes an intolerant India and all the developmental plans gets diverted towards one community. And all the ‘brothers and sisters’ of India have to see a second version of Aurangzeb. Preferably, he would be interested in providing rights and privileges to his community members.

What could be the possible changes?

Political change

“One man one rule” policy

None of us is above PM. We have to obey PM’s decision.

Religious Policies

His policies will be located towards teachings of Islam and adoption of Anti-Hindu policy means escapism from taxes is only possible when he/she converts to Islam. There will be removal of Hindus from government jobs as well as no more Hindu educational institution.

Social restrictions

There will be no rights for women and LGBT. Neither women nor LGBT can raise their voice against injustice, or else it will be treated as ‘contempt of Prime Minister’.

Here, the question arises, are we heading towards this reality? To some extent, it would be a regressive thought to have such a mind-set. According to the present scenarios being the most Hindu populated country, there is no sign of overshadowing the rights of minorities.

Indeed, for minorities the grass will always be greener on other side but the hope of obeying the every single words of constitution is still hanging over our head.

Although there are opportunists who take advantage of the situation but they can be controlled by a stronghold on law and order.

Therefore, it needs a filtration of mind-set. It would be vague to mention that there is a rise of intolerance due to the presence of BJP in centre. One should not become too lopsided in opposing a government because that would lead to only a destructive thought not a constructive thought.


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