5 Stages of Writing

For those who learn and for those who can’t learn.A good piece of write up always fascinate.But the effort which it requires to make that happen cost a lot.There are seven stages through which a writer goes through whenever he tries to write.

FIRST STAGEtoonvectors-50718-140

What is my idea ?

An idea is the mother of writing. A writer always ask himself/herself the core subject around which thoughts can be sewed together.Subject defines process of a write-up. A subject can be found easily wherever your interest lies be it a travelling, photography or a fiction or a non-fiction.



Where are my thoughts?

Well, thankfully, thoughts are borne out when we try to share our ideas or in other words, we communicate.Therefore, communication plays an important role in generating our ‘not so properly located budding ideas’.Or else , in Reading.

Reading is the best source to gather thoughts and make it a point to write .Luckily, our GenX is well -equipped with all the required platforms especially social media to explore their new facets of arenas be it socio- economic crisis or the middle aged crisis.Therefore we around with thoughts but matter of a fact is we don’t contribute our time towards it.

THIRD STAGEimages (4)

When should I start?

Well, it is said time and tide wait for none. So, Who wants to wait.pIck up a pen  and paper or the laptop and be the one for you always wished for. Great creation comes out of bad ones. Be a dedicated writer to be a perfectionist.Practice sessions can make anyone a reliable writer.Believe it or not , one can be a writer of his own.

FOURTH STAGEimages (5)

Who is my Audience?

It is a pre-decided notion that  circumstances will lead to definite outcome.Outcomes can be unfruitful if particular piece is not as per the taste and preferences of the target audience.


How to channelize  ALL OF THE ABOVE?

It is easy to channelize the work once all the ingredients are ready.An aspiration of a well decorated dish of writing can be served only when all of the above mentioned points are put in a sequential manner.Remember what where when who and of course how.

Indeed writing has always been the hardest part for writers but contrary to it , if one can hold on these simple steps, a write up can be made.


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