Why Vyapam?

Voters decide,Voters elect, and Voters complain a never-ending ritual of election process . Prior to 2014 election there was a dilemma of electing a responsible government. Hue and cry was widespread in a society of ‘caretakers’ of democracy.There were disappointments ,dreams of becoming a strong nation, and  a lot of dramatization. But the reality was echoing the sounds of helplessness, a robotic Prime Minister and his counterparts giving long ‘explanation’ for not involving in the scams. Clearly,true picture of the- then government was quite transparent to the diligent voters.

Politically it seemed the working of the government’s incapablity of transforming the problems into solution.It could be the helplessness of governmental ideology that SARKAR APNI TARAF SE POORI KOSHISH KAR RAHI HAI. Economically,the bystanders of the society made it a ‘prosperous’ one. Socially, a discontent among people for unable to save their fundamental rights was widespread.

On the other side the opposition party , BJP, started lamenting with powerful and influential speeches. Assured the voters, of making India, a self sufficient nation and debarred the notions of corruption and ornamented speeches.The expectations grew in the society and a ray of hope suddenly became visible.The clouds of doubt were still scudding in the minds of people.

With the completion of one year, various campaigns like ‘Make In India’ and ‘Digital India’ and accomplished targets were the highlight.On the one hand the influential speeches were becoming the charisma of Modi ji. Alongwith there was emerging  a suspicion over government’s promises. Constantly, lalit gate and the Vyapam scam became the headlines. It put the  government under mistrust.

Vyapam, a scam not only shook the country but also put a question mark over the newly established government.Serious remarks were raised to make us think again for our previous  decision. Experts have claimed that the recent Vyapam scam is a threat to the India’s credibility.

A Vyavsaik Pariksha Mandal-a self -financed and autonomous body  incorporated by the state government responsible for conducting entrance tests in the state. The undeserving candidates who bribed the politicians through middlemen to get high ranks in the entrance tests was the Vyapam scam.

The scam questioned the undented reputation of a decade old minister, Shivraj Singh Chauhan. The reason by which BJP won the election in MP was the unhindered progress of Madhya Pradesh for 10 years.Overall the Gross State domestic product has always made the MP one of the leading state in terms of progression in last 10 years.There was a industrial growth and employment generation in IT  and tourism sector  at a higher rate, conclusively the gross state domestic product is expected to grow at a rate of 8.4% during FY-11 – FY-15 and further intensify to 11.8% during FY-16- FY (20http://www.dnb.co.in//PDF/Statewise_analysis.pdf).

Before Vyapam, cases of irregularities in these entrance tests had been reported since the mid-1990s, and the first FIR was filed in 2000. However, until 2009, such cases were not thought to be part of an organized ring and thus taken a backseat. The sheer scale of the scam came to light in 2013, when the Indore police arrested 20 people who had come to impersonate candidates for PMT 2009.  The state government established a Special Task Force (STF) on 26 August 2013. Subsequent interrogations and arrests uncovered the involvement of several politicians, bureaucrats, MPPEB officials, racket leaders, middlemen, candidates and their parents in the scam. By June 2015, more than 2000 people had been arrested in connection with the scam. These included the state’s ex-education minister Laxmikant Sharma and over a hundred other politicians.

Since 2009, 48 deaths have been registered under Vyapam scam.

This has again put MP in an uncertain situation and thus questioned the integrity of MP. As the reports are suggesting the involvement of big time politician’s  name Shivraj Singh Chauhan in the scam, it shows the incapability of maintaining the long term reputation of him being as a loyal minister.

So,what can be the  possible reason behind the Vyapam scam.

Here are some of the points which can be cited :

  • Lack of job opportunities: There is  a progression in the industrial growth and scale of investment is growing at a higher rate , total investment grew at an average rate of 27.3% during last five years and thus helping in creating more job opportunities.Contrary to it, according to an economic survey of Madhya Pradesh, there are 16 lakh educated unemployed in Madhya Pradesh. The estimates shows the unsurety in the state government’s capability of providing enough of options.
  •  High Competition: The prevailing cut throat competition has made the candidate helpless to rely on short-cuts of getting high ranks.In vyapam only, the self -financed body conducts PMT every year in Madhya Pradesh to fill up 1,250 seats in government and private medical colleges in the state, including 800 in state-run medical colleges.
  • Internal Management Conflict: 1.) Manipulation of records and answer sheets.  The undeserving candidates would leave their OMR answer sheets blank or fill in only the answers they were sure about. The corrupt board officials would manipulate records to give these candidates randomly high percentages. 2.)Leaking the answer key,the corrupt board officials leaked the answer key to the selected candidates.3.) Imporsonation,brilliant students (including previous years’ top candidates) or practicing doctors would be paid to impersonate exam candidates. The photograph on the candidate’s admit card was replaced by the impersonator’s photograph. After the exam, it was changed back to the original. This was done in collusion with the corrupt board officials.

Overall the situation seems  that we have come back to the pavilion .A change is not an overnight phenomenon.Universal suffrage recognizes every person as a responsible and prudent. But the outcome always put every fish in the trouble water and time and again questions the decision-power, is it with the voters or with the political parties?


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