Daily Prompt: Interior

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“Inside us all patiently waiting, sits a tiny little adventurous bird.”

A day came and we all sat idle and did nothing at all. Thinking about the moment of accomplishing everything at a time. Greggory Richard turned the page of her book and started reading the next one. While reading the next page she thought of not able to read the previous one. Well, forgetting about the previous one, she started turning pages one by one. The book completed within few hours. She took the other book in her hand. She completed that also. After few days she realised that she understood nothing at all.

On the sixth day of her reading she wrote a plan to concentrate on her reading practices. She again started the last read book. What she found

  1. She didn’t know the actor
  2. She was confused about the story line.
  3. She lost the morals of the story as she just turned the pages.
  4. She became quite judgmental about the characters at the end of her reading.

A lesson can be learnt through her reading:

Well, reading is about patience and patience comes from within. The call from the interiors of your heart screams when you lose the power concentration. But you tend to avoid it due to the syndrome caused by the laziness.

The rationale behind writing a piece on interiors is that the word is not limited to the walls of a house. But it is about the interiors of our-self. As we grow older, we tend to forget to open the interiors of our heart and mind. The walls which we build in front of our heart and mind blocks the air of freshness and unique to sense the new soul inside lying us. We just have to control that adventurous little bird in order to concentrate at a higher level.

Guide to avoid liars

In our daily life, we have always met people who tell lies plenty of times. They make excuses and try to cover up the truth. Well, it can be many reasons- helplessness, gregariousness or a  situational demand.

It is said that an honest person can’t survive in a corporate world. Therefore, every time he/she has to put his moral ethics at stake. There can be many reasons for telling lies.

Possibly, their boss possesses the character of a dictator or of dominating nature. Moreover, social pride and peer pressure are considered as the  major factors in telling sequential lies. Therefore, they tend to form a cobweb of lies.


According to a 2002 study conducted by the University of Massachusetts, 60% of adults can’t have a ten-minute conversation without lying at least once.

Here, I have incorporated a guide to avoid lies and liars.

How to identify that person is lying?download

The basic trick is to observe the expressions of the people. It is said that when a person lies he/she seems to avoid eye contact.

Therefore, avoiding eye contact is directly proportional to the nervousness.

Secondly, out of nervousness, their verbal speech becomes the biggest hindrance in the communication. That is why it leads to fumble or fret. Usually, people lose the track of communication when they feel nervous in telling the true fact.

Thirdly,  body language is a good indicator to know about lies. You can identify a person lying when they are shaking their leg or scratching their head, leg or cheeks. Although they do it because of nervousness but their doing is dependent upon their lies or truths.

You all find it quite interesting, the fourth one. You all must have across with people who try to make excuses or find ways to avoid a certain kind of situation. Indeed,  Changing the topics is the only way to identify the liars.  People at times are so much indulged in their pond of thoughts that they think of changing the topic at their own convenience, despite knowing the fact that the other person will identify it.

How lies can be told 

However, there are at times you feel bad when you tell a lie. It seems that you have betrayed yourself. Self-guilt is a natural phenomenon, however, one can analyse the quantity of a lie which is being spoken. Therefore, self introspection is a light in the deep black tunnel.

Confession box: You might have heard about a confession box in church. A place where you can share anything related to any sin. Similarly, at your home you can make a confession box and put your chits into it by writing down your sins or lies. It will surely loosen the burden of guilt from you.

Accepting your mistakes by writing it on a note: The best way to become white collar is to accept your lies. Although communicating the problems is also a best way out to solve the problems in order to show your emotions. But at times it is better a note when feeling burdened of guilt or regret.

“… I stole a bit of gold out of my meat eating brother’s armlet. The brother had run into a debt of about twenty five rupees. … And the debt got cleared… But I resolved never to steal again. I also made up my mind to confess it to my father. But I did not dare to speak. Not that I was afraid of my father beating me. … I was afraid of the pain that I should cause him. I decided to confess my guilt through a written note and asked for an adequate punishment.”

(An excerpt from My Experiments with Truth)

Well, this is how Mahatma Gandhi tried to put words of lies in a written form and told the truth.


Telling lies have become a habit of our daily life. Moreover, we sometimes forget how we have improved the degree of stating lies. This is how we move towards a two-face-masked character or a personality and tend to avoid our real image in order to live in a virtual world.

However, to avoid a bigger lie, we can always make our efforts towards avoiding our first big lie.

Recipe to show anger

While fighting different phases of our life, we always come across with certain incidents where we have lost our temper or showed arrogance.

These incidents can be listed as follows:

1.A quarrel with a person on the road.

2. Parents scolding their children.

3. Arguments between couples

4. Two teenagers quarreling with each other.

Moreover, there are hundreds of anger management classes where we all have taken lessons to control our anger. However, these classes become useless when we are incapable of converting them into reality.

Difference between Anger Management Class and Real life situation

There is only one difference between a real case and an imaginary situation. The difference of seeing persons through our eyes.

While practicing in front of our peer groups we become predictable of our outcome. On the other hand, when we face real life situations which are sort of unpredictable, we become nervous or hesitated.

Either we will try to ease out the situation out of nervousness or we will hesitate to get into any kind of argument.

There are numerous questions which we face usually regarding nervousness and hesitation, such as:

  1. How nervousness has made us a slave of anger?
  2. How hesitation has made us an emotionally cluttered person?

Here, we are leading into our next section.

The recipe to show the anger in an effective manner.

  1. Communication: It is very necessary to send the message to a receiver in a controlled manner. If we already know that the receiver is angry, then instead of avoiding we can control our message to make them understand the value of our message.
  2. Facial Expressions:  It is true that we communicate through our mouth but the pivotal role is played by our facial expressions. The second best ingredient is that we should not show inappropriate facial expression which will add to our boiling anger pan.
  3. Gestures: While arguing or scolding, we often try to control a weak person through our hand gestures. In such situation a weak person should look into the eyes and just say back off.  

Therefore, there is no need to run away from kind of situation  because people and people’s emotions can be played with if you know a trick.

Let’s taste along with historical walls

One fine day I decided to pay  a visit to a newly opened cafe cum restaurant at Connaught Place in New Delhi. The entrance of the cafe made me experience the British era of restaurants. The main dining hall of the restaurant was exquisite. The black and white painted walls of Smoke House Deli was extremely  extraordinary pieces to remember the iconic places of Delhi.

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It was a  typical combination of Mughals, modern times and European era. The artistes have beautifully designed the walls in the memories of those places when it was hard to find a single dhaba or eatery nearby. The places which have been exhibited on the walls were- Agrasen Ki Baoli, Odeon Cinema, Luteyans and many others as shown in the images.

Coming to the delicacies, being a vegetarian, among all the food items I preferred to taste the vegetarian ones.So, it was wild mushroom soup, Aglio Olio Spaghetti and the usual ones of Smoke House Deli, the garlic bread.

Wild Mushroom Soup was a thick and a plain soup. The presence of starch in the soup made it thick and heavy for the starters. As expected to be a spicy starter it turned out to be a very plain soup. However, the Aglio Olio Spaghetti was a typical Italian dish which spiced up the taste buds.

Overall, it felt that I was in a time machine with a food platter in my hand which can take me to the historical places of Delhi.

Who was she?

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On a silenced road, a palpitating veiled woman was running to escape the gunned men. Being unknown about the gunned men, she kept on running.

Lampshades on the road had a close watch on the women’s face and noticed the nervousness and fear.

All was destined to be happened on that night only. Nothing has been changed since four years. the same quiet road and the same silence. Marked footsteps on the road was the only sign for cops to identify the real culprit behind the dangerous and heinous crime.

It was not the only crime which happened on that day. earlier also , a same veiled women had became the target of this crime. This time was her turn to get slayed by the unexpected circumstances.

Hearing the loud voices were the only signs of the lonely women on that isolated road. No one can hear the screams of her except HIM. After repetitively dialing the number of cops, she was not able to get any answer.A blank dialler tone made her hopeless and assured of one thing. She will not be spared today.

Seeing the vacant garrage she entered into it and decided to rest there. Red face, rosy lips kholed eyes kept him wondering about her beauty. Who was she? What was she doing? How she came here?

After taking her into arms, she forgot who was she and said him to leave her alone. He told her stay quiet as long as the group of men passed by. The moment they peeped out the garrage, the girl heard the trigger sound and was stoned. The boy looked back and all of them had a muscle fight. In order to take the advantage of the situation, the girl swiftly ran away from the situation.

Days passed but she didn’t come up. On that day a life was saved, a girl was saved, one more soul was saved.

No on e knows who were them, who was she. But the boy knew the case was getting more complicated as it was related to the last murder of women. After keeping his gun on the bench, he realised that the work of a cop is not that easy on a daily basis and thought, she is not the only fish in the water but there are many other fishes which are getting stained.


Fate of India with PM Modi

It has been two years for Narendar Damodardas Modi to work as the prime minister of India. Within two years of his tenure, we have come across with various shades of him- public administrator, ardent speaker, devotee to his work, hardworking and criticism-tolerant.

However, the mentioned words are not written to favour any of the person, or a party personally but to provide a reflection of his work towards his nation.

Before the election, many haters remarked against Modi that chaiwallah can never administer the country and thus questioned the capability of a person. On various factors, Modi was decided as a strong contender in comparison to Nehruvain-Gandhi clan. The successful rallies of BJP made Indians to wonder about the passion and interest of a chaiwallah to work for the nation.  

On 26th May 2014, Narendra Modi was elected as the Prime minister for India. The Lok-Sabha election was backed by aggressive campaigning and powerful speeches of Bhartiya Janta Party. In a bid to hope of having “Acche din” or “good days”, a historic win was recorded in the election of 2014 to take a relief from a ‘dynastic rule’ of Congress.

After taking charge, during the rigorous work of two years, he successfully put forward more than 13 policies and initiatives including Make in India, Digital India, Skill India, Neighbourhood first policy on domestic as well as international front. Therefore, schemes like these and many others proved the potential of Narendra Modi’s team to provide India’s recognition on the global map.

On 15th Aug 2016, PM Modi mentioned about Balochistan in his Independence speech as a part of his foreign policy tactics. It is a significant issue which talks about the violation of human rights by Pak forces in Balochistan. It can be said that India has given a muscular approach with rival Pakistan by referring about the provinces of Pak. It will also impact on the China-Pakistan economic corridor, a long term project influencing beyond the bilateral talks.


So far initiatives taken…

Here is a list of successful initiatives which were taken on the international domain.

  1. Act East Policy.
  2. Neighbourhood first Policy.
  3. Indian Ocean Outreach.
  4. Project Mausam
  5. Cooperation with Pacific Islands.
  6. Fast-track diplomacy.
  7. Para diplomacy.

All these initiatives were in one or another way focused on the maritime silk trade or improving relations with ASEAN countries. However, the overall impact is that everyone across the globe has assumed India as a superpower along with U.S, and China.

Overall, in the veil of political ambition, PM should not forget the fate of India which is left on his shoulders. Indeed, his speeches have won many hearts in global market but domestically the social fabric is somewhere presenting a distorted picture through communalism, hate speech.

Therefore, India should not only be represented as a country of multi-cultures, diverse languages but also a peaceful and tranquil place. The sweetness of India’s development lies in the brotherhood of all the Indian communities instead of lab of communalism.

Child marriage: Burden of gold on small shoulders

A Rajasthan folk song ‘Choti si Umar’ still touches our heart which happily cries out to give a message that stop the 8-year-old girl to get married.

A popular show of 2008 Balika Vadhu enters in the Limca Book of Records. To my dismay, it was not a strange thing to be happened. A show which was born out of a sensitive issue known as a child marriage created a buzz all over the world.

Definitely, the show had essence because an issue which was quite prevalent in historical times was outcasted in a bid to a modern life.

A girl was married off to a boy on the pretext of decorated ornaments and a boy was allowed to continue with his studies. The ritual became a compulsion on the generations. However, they forgot the innocence hidden behind the glooming eyes of children.

Unknowingly, when they enter into an age of adolescence where attraction becomes natural forces them to enter into an intimidating relationship.

In fact, Mahatma Gandhi had himself regretted in his autobiography (My experiments with Truth) for following that ritual due to his ignorant and sinlessness age.

Periodically, the offence started becoming horrendous and took a gruesome form i.e., forced marriage. Clearly, the laws were turning out to be paralysed in front of the prevailing orthodoxy and hysterical mindset.

Amidst in the 2000s when telly queen Ekta Kapoor’s daily soaps were on the zenith Balika Vadhu made a grand entry with the opening of Colors channel.

Annoyed with all the dramatization and theatrical expressions, viewers welcome the show with open arms.

Therefore, the show gathered many TRPs and in the first year the show was a huge success.

However, Census of 2011 revealed that a new twist in the tales that poverty is merely not a cause behind the increasing numbers of child marriages.

Indeed, merely the popularity of a show is not enough to ban the child marriages across the nation.

Also, the constant growth in the number of child marriages has repetitively proved a rotten Indian system from socially as well as legally. As per the UNESCO’s prediction more than 140 million girls will marry between 2011 and 2020.

It’s not that laws are not enough to debar the evil practice. In fact, such evils are rooted to remain unchanged.

So why still the shows like Balika Vadhu are not enough to put an end to evil practice


Society is a major seed in developing a fruitful tree to provide the shadow to its ‘family’ living in it. The more we try to water these cultural fruits, our nation looks more effective in producing the output within the nation. How strong a society is internally, makes a difference in this high competition.

However, when these communities fail to respond to the changing times it becomes all more difficult to end practices like child marriages.

The growth of the atrocities of these social evil practices is insurmountable. Truly, it is inescapable but if we together put an effort in filtering the minds, a process of pure thinking can begin. For instance, according to the TOI report, the Nashik district will become free from child marriages after having strict orders from KM Nagargoje.


Indeed, law books have given numbers of Indian codes to convince our intellectual section of society that administration is working smoothly.

But, what else can be added to reform our administrative system.

A responsive helpline can narrow down the communication gap to help both the parties i.e, victim and the law and to end the child marriage.

Similarly, more courts can be set-up to provide a fast decision process.

The police are core and primary strength in our legal system. The police should become more active and supportive in the process of eradication of social evil.


A healthy economic structure implies a tremendous growth in the overall development of the nation.

Thereby, girls becoming brides before the age of 18 yrs represents high dropout of girls from schools. Poor education due to poverty at times makes more difficult to comprehend the situations in rural areas.

Therefore, an investment is to be done to improve the situation at world at par to fight against the child marriages. For instance, as per the World Bank report, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and CIFF will invest $4.2 million over three years to fund the most extensive data modeling ever undertaken, establishing the economic consequences of child marriage and the economic case for putting a stop to child marriage.   

As it is said, it’s never too late to start something afresh. Therefore, what had been done in the history should not be repeated again, in fact one should learn from the history to hope for a better future. Along with, shows like Balika Vadhu should be promoted in rural areas more.